Superbowl Recipe Roundup

This healthy charcuterie board is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Gameday has delicious food and this board will be a hit!

This healthy buffalo chicken dip is lower in fat than traditional recipes but definitely doesn’t skimp on flavor! It’s a great appetizer, dish for a potluck, or Superbowl/tailgate snack.

Cranberry jalapeno dip is the perfect appetizer for a Superbowl party. Serving it on top of creamy low-fat cream cheese compliments the tangy, slightly spicy, tart dip!

This savory rosemary pumpkin hummus is a beautiful combination of flavors that put a unique spin on traditional hummus. Making hummus from scratch is super easy and the flavor combo of rosemary and pumpkin is so freaking good.

This kale caesar with crispy chickpeas is a quick and simple addition to any potluck, and is easy to meal prep ahead of time. Plus it’s full of fiber and protein!

Crispy roasted chickpeas are a salty, crunchy snack that you may or may not be able to stop eating. They’re easy and delicious, plus full of fiber, healthy fats, and protein!

Light whipped feta dip is the perfect spread, dip, sauce.. anything! It’s tart, tangy, and creamy, making it the perfect Superbowl snack.