Matcha Oat Milk Latte


– 6oz oat milk (or any milk) – 1 tsp matcha powder – 10oz hot water (not boiling), plus 1 Tbsp room temperature water – 1 tsp honey, maple syrup, or Stevia, optional – ⅛ tsp ground ginger, optional – ⅛ tsp ground turmeric, optional

1. Heat water in the microwave or over the stove.  Be careful not to boil it, as this will affect the flavor and integrity of the matcha! 2. While water is heating, whisk matcha with 1 Tbsp room temperature water in a mug or small bowl using a traditional matcha whisk, regular whisk, or fork. 3. In a separate mug or small bowl, froth milk with spices, if using. 4. Once water is hot, pour into mug/small bowl with the matcha and add sweetener, if using.  Stir until combined. 5. Pour frothed milk over matcha and enjoy!